Case Piemontesi Asti

Bed and breakfast in Asti e provincia


Some of the activities that can be developped.


Creation of study groups on local flora and fauna, arts and crafts, traditions and so on in suitable associated structures; such activities could be proposed to guests as well as to groups of visitors.
For example:
Excursion in a orchard with explanation and observation of crops based on the current season.
The tasting of fruits is a great opportunity to improve one’s perceptive skills.
Visit to the farm to learn to recognize the different varieties of apples, pears and peaches through funny games.
Activities such as the harvest of fruits, the laboratory of taste and finally the transformation into jams and juices.
Visit to an area of oaks whose roots have been treated with particular fungi to help the growth of truffles.
Visit to a garden centre with local plants.
With the evolution of the alternative tourism, the environmental values and the historical and cultural peculiarities of our countryside have an ever-growing importance.
Visit to a farm with a breeding stock, including wild boars and hares.
The use of senses for discovering the area around us: hearing, touch and taste to recognize and to remember.
Colours, scents and sounds of the woods: in order to know and better understand the woods, we have to spend time in them, touch them and listen to them. During a walk in the woods, we will search for animals’ tracks, leaves and flowers and we will try to recognize the origin of the sounds.
Construction of scarecrows with recycled materials: tales, legends and fantasy to foster the creativity of children.
The hill of fossils: many unprotected areas are rich in fossils.
From snack to compost.
To spend a day in the life of the last century, with clothes, activities, games and old tools.

The need for “green paths” can be met in different ways: on foot and on one’s bicycle, with a guide or through well signposted paths.
The signposts will lead the visitors through different types of areas, which will help them to know and appreciate the surroundings.
These paths can be equipped with simple facilities, located in each place; our guests can use them to exercise, following the suggestions on appropriate signs.